Sunday, July 29, 2007

Search for excellence - Sania Mirza's power shift

I have decided that starting today I shall look out for signs of excellence (herosim, success, happiness, purpose of life and other such descriptions of excellence) in the world around me. Yesterdays blog about Parleen Gill being the first of its kind ofcourse.
Todays big story to me is the change in young Sania Mirza's course in the Stanford Classic tennis tournament. It is a subtle shift in her mind when she says that she was determined "to hang in there and I did" as she beat Sybille Bammer - and more importantly, a nagging doubt in her own mind. It is a new state of mind for Sania to "hang in there" and knowing that she could do it. And Sania, if you can do it once, you can do it again, and again, and with the best. You have just crossed the biggest limitation of "can I?". Now you know you can. And you will.
I always felt that if Sania could recognise her strength, could get the picture right in her mind, she has atleast one Grand Slam, if not more, depending on how hungry she is.
This is an acknowledgment of her progress in her search for excellence. This is an acknowledgment of a major shift in her career.
And a lesson to all of us. "To hang in there." Because when you really really do, you will!
Good luck to you all!
Congrats Sania. Go get it girl. We are with you - always.

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